Email Marketing remains one of the most powerful and efficient ways to stay in touch with your customer.

Even with all the bells and whistles “modern” methods of communicating,  email remains one of the best ways to deliver your message.

If you have been developing your mailing lists you have the most efficient tool at  your disposal to get your message to people who want to hear from you.   If you have NOT been developing your mailing lists:  GET STARTED TODAY!   Get the name and address of every customer or potential customer and treat it like gold.

Someone who has given you their email address knows who you are.. they know what you do.. and they have GIVEN your their info because they are indicating they wouldn’t mind hearing from  you.

If you develop a regular ( but not TOO regular ) routine of letting your customer know what is new with you, or what specials you may be offering, or just a teaser to drive them to your web site – you will be cultivating a relationship with your best asset – your customer!

Call me to discuss using a professional email campaign manager to manage your email lists and your email messaging.  Craft messages specific to who is opening and who is NOT opening your email, or target just portions of your list for specific messages.

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