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You need to be aware of the excellent service:  FIVERR  Here’s their URL …

This a collection of independent workers who will perform an amazing array of work for you for:  you guessed it: Five Bucks.

You can get Photoshop work..  Logo Design..  Web Help.. Content Writing.. Video and Animation, Music & Audio, Programming & Tech and more.

You can select from thousands of people who are offering their services.  You can see how many jobs they have done and view their ratings from previous clients.

For example I often have clients that need a Logo for their web site.   In the past I have used a local Graphic Artist.  Just to get started it is $150 to debrief the artist with what we <think> we want.   We receive about 3 concept renderings within about a week.  After reviewing intitial art and deciding what we want it is typically another $150 to get the logo finished up -and receive working art ( and it’s another week ! ) This is not an unusual scenario for this kind of  work.

For this latest project I selected two Logo Artists from FIVERR.   I typed up our goals.. and provided art that kind of gave them an idea of what we were looking for.  I paid my $5 to each artist ( up front! ).   Within ONE DAY I had 3 renderings from each artist with the ability to provide my feedback for modifications – at no charge.   My Clients were thrilled and we had this job done quickly and inexpensively.

Each Fiverr worker will offer you ADDITIONAL work related to your project for additional Fees ( Usually $5 or $10 )

I will integrate FIVERR into my developer tool box as it applies to projects..  to get quality work and keep your costs down!


Do you need a presence on the Web?  Web Site, Social Media, eMail Marketing? Promotion ?

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