Make sure to use your web site to offer your viewers a chance to Interact!

That means:  Subscribe to your email List,, or Let them tell you what they are interested in, sign up for giveaways !

There are really powerful tools to build forms that your user can easily fill out and send to you information.   Route the replies to the right people in your organization – based on the answers in your form!

WordPress to the rescue once again – and GRAVITY FORMS!   Create sophisticated and attractive forms easily and place them on your home page, on posts and pages.      Gravity Forms can talk to : Paypal , Stripe to automatically help process payments.  Your sign ups can be linked directly to MailChimp or AWeber and your names go directly to your email campaign managers.   Forms can be designed to filter out spam – and can notify anyone in your organization upon arrival.

Gathering customer information remains one of the strongest uses of your web site.  !