Social Media just becomes more revelent every day. For someone over 30 – they might be a dizzying array of new tools.   Facebook is ubiquitous,   Tweets and Hashtags are streaming across the bottom of your favorite TV shows.  Everyone watches YouTube clips.. and more.

Typically I see small businesses throw the responsibility of their social media to an existing employee who kind of pays attention to it – and most of the time it doesn’t do much for the company. Social Media allows you to have instantaneous contact with your customers and prospective customers.

You can develop a reputation and expose your product and services right to your customer’s mobile device, pad or desktop computer.   Develop your brand with Social Media.  It takes a coordinated effort and consistent attention to properly utilize the social media tools.

Not every company needs to use every Social Media tool – but every company should be using some of the social media tools!   With a desktop manager like HootSuite ( Free ) you can schedule your broadcasts across all the social media tools in an organized fashion.

Let’s look at how you are using Social Media and see if we can make it work for your business.

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