web building Do you have a web site?

How long since you maintained your web site?

Your customer expects your to have a web site that can give them your basic information.  It doesn’t have to fancy or complex.     Your web site also needs to be current.   Your web site can actually cast a negative image of your business if the site is neglected. If you’re looking at at this page you in some way need to address your web presence.  You might be able to do it yourself..  but I’ve found that most business owners have their hands full – running their business.


First there are just the mechanics:

  • Domain Name Registration
  • Setting up a Host account
  • Basic Website Preparation and Planning
  • Navigation Structure
  • Organizing Content
There is work to getting your site up and running, and running smoothly.    I’ve found the most work takes place when we sit down and really begin to define what you want to accomplish.
Many people just have this vague idea  – We Need a Web Site – but have not done the chore of specifically defining what the site is supposed to accomplish. There are some key concepts that will help us get there.


  • What are we hoping to achieve?
  • Who is our target audience?
  • Are we trying to sell something?
  • What kind of media will we need to get our message delivered ?
  • What will constitute “A Successful Web Site” ?
  • Who makes these decisions in our organization ?
  • What is our time frame to complete the site ?
  • How will we update the site going forward ?
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I develop your web sites using the programming tool – WordPress. It is incredibly capable to quickly create diverse layouts. Hundreds of thousands of developers worldwide have experience in WordPress so you always have access to people who can help you with your site. WordPress offers a complete array of powerful tools – presentation themes, backup utilities, sign-up forms, email management, video and photo presentation utilities, menu management tools – and on and on. WordPress is a solid platform for you to build your website, and the best thing is: it’s FREE!

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The toughest part of getting your web presence going is just getting started.
Spending time diagnosing your marketing goals with a web site will always be time well spent.
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